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| 07.06.2017 |

Открытие Ассоциации Производителей Полимерных Полов

Открытие Ассоциации Производителей Полимерных Полов
| 16.02.2017 |

Руководство для проектировщиков

Нашим техническим отделом подготовлено новое Руководство для проектировщиков.


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Over the past 10 years our company CMT has been a leading Manufacturer of first grade modern polymeric materials. CMT has its own laboratories, а quality checking department, a lot of up-to-date technologies and European quality raw materials.
CMT offers the best quality at a really low cost.
The range of CMT products includes such materials as polymeric flooring, cement mortars and grout, reinforces and hardeners of concrete, floor repairing components and different materials to decorate floors.
Now you will get more information about our products and you can easily choose the needed material.

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