Rizopox - 1605, 1605tix

«Rizopox™ - 1605, 1605 tix»

ТУ 2257-004-43548961-2001

Transparent, low viscosity, without solvent epoxy double compound of two types: "Rizopox™-1605" and "Rizopox™-1605 tix”.
Marking “tix” is used for thixotropic modification of the material.

Rizopox™ - 1605, 1605 tix are used for monolithic flooring based on colored quartz sand “Rizodek”, for mixetures with high solid sand contents, for concrete and cement surface impregnation and as a topping layer of decorative flooring.
It is applied in buildings of Food, Light, Pharmaceutical, Radio-Electronic Industry, Agricultural and Engineering Industry and Housing and Communal Services and in Commercial constructions.
It is also used in sport complexes, auto repair and service centers, parking garages, different offices, warehouses and other industrial premises which need high mechanical and wear resistance.

- effective penetration
- high-tensile strength
- high wear and scratch resistance
- fine chemical resistance
- low viscosity
- transparent
- non toxic
- solvent free
- ideal bonding material for different fillers
*Rizopox™ - 1605 tix
- thixotropic
- easy to apply



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