«Rizogard™ - 7510»

ТУ 2257-033-43548961-2004

Low viscosity mono compound based on water dispersion of acrylic latex.
The compound is white when it is in a container and it is transparent after usage (dry thin film).

Rizogard™ - 7510 is used to generate a protective film which prevents from water loss out of green concrete, hardening cement mixes, and mortars.
It also promotes to cure concrete and cement Rizogard™ - 7510 is also used in residential, commercial and industrial application to impregnate green concrete, hardening cement mixes and mortars indoors and outdoors.

- good penetration into concrete
- base hardening
- dust reducing
- water loss prevention
- distress in concrete prevention
- fine surface
- rapid curing
- low consumption (very economic material)



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