«Rizopox™ - 1301 W Toner»

ТУ 2257-027-43548961-2003

Low viscosity tinted two compound composition based on epoxy water dispersion.

Rizopox™ - 1301 W Toner is used to generate a protective membrane which prevents from water loss out of green concrete, hardening cement mixes, and mortars. It also promotes to cure concrete and cement and it gives bright surface colour. It is also used in residential, commercial and industrial application to impregnate green concrete, hardening cement mixes and mortars indoors and outdoors.

- good penetration into concrete
- base hardening
- dust reducing
- water loss prevention
- distress in concrete prevention
- fine surface
- rapid curing
- low consumption (very economic material)
- gives bright surface colour
- may be put on old concrete to facilitate dust removal


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