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«Rizopox™ - 3405 W SL»

ТУ 2257-43548961-2010

Double compound and low viscosity composition based on epoxy water dispersion

Rizopox™ - 3405 W SL is used in the systems of “Rizokon flooring as a top layer with mat surface, especial surface evenness and it is applied for surfaces with humidity more than 4% which can withstand moderate mechanical loads such as movement of people, hand carts, shopping trolley and small cars in new and reconstructed buildings of Food, Pharmaceutical, Light, Radio-electronic, Agricultural and Engineering Industry.

It is applied for coating based on mineral base such as
- cement covering,
- stone
RIZOPOX™ - 3405 W SL is also used for wood and asphalt.

- insulation is not needed
- it lets steam through
- good adhesion (green concrete and wet surfaces)
- odorless
- it is used indoors and outdoors
- fast curing
- mat surface
- high wear and scratch resistance
- easy to use
-easy to clean
- high durability


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