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«Rizopox™ - 4101»

ТУ 2257-012-43548961-2003

Double compound and low viscosity painted composition without solvent based on epoxy and modified hardeners

Rizopox™ - 4101 is used in the systems of Rizokon flooring as a top layer for even and glossy surfaces.
It is applied in buildings of Food, Tobacco, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural and Engineering Industry and Housing and Communal Services. It is also used in sport complexes, auto repair and service centers, parking garages, different offices, warehouses and other industrial premises

It is applied for coating based on mineral base such as
- cement covering,
- stone

- odorless
- even glossy surface
- high wear and scratch resistance
- easy to use
-easy to clean
- high durability
- fine chemical resistance



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