«Rizopox™ - 3381 ЕроСеm»

ТУ 2257-059-43548961-2009

Three compound painted self-leveling composition based on epoxy resin water dispersion and a filler.

Rizopox – 3381 EPOCEM is used in the systems of "Rizokon" flooring as a self-leveling, moisture insulation and top layer for polymeric coating of green and wet concrete and cement and sand bases.
It is ideal for residential and industrial areas such as new or restored buildings of Food, Pharmaceutical, Light, Chemical, Agricultural and Engineering Industry and Housing and Communal Services.

It is applied for coating based on cement
- cement covering.

- high moisture insulation
- good adhesion (green concrete and wet surfaces)
- high and quick durability
- good resistance against temperature drops
- odorless
- outdoor usage
- easy to apply (traditional laying technology)
- coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to concrete
- time saving of production operation from 28 days to 5 days
- possibility to lay epoxy and polyurethane coverings on wet concrete after 2 days of Rizopox – 3381 EPOCEM usage



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