«Rizopur™ - 5120 AS»

ТУ 2257-050-43548961-2008

Self-leveling double compound antistatic flooring without solvent based on polyurethane.

Rizopur™ - 5120 AS is antistatic covering for floors of 1,6 mm thick. It is coated on a concrete base or on a cement covering. It is applied as a top layer in "Rizokon" antistatic flooring”.
Rizopur™ - 5120 AS is recommended to use in the areas of high explosibility:
- in chemical industry
- production and storing of ammunition
- in oil-refining industry
- in electro technical and electronics industry when conducting floors are used
- in medical facilities for antistatic floors
- in different labs for high chemical resistance

- good electro conductivity
- high chemical and mechanical resistance
- high wear resistance
- safe (is not afraid of sparks)
- odorless
- resistance against shifts and vibration
- filling of cracks in a base to 0,6 mm



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