Rizokon (pdf)

Leveling Polymeric Covering with High Filling Up

Hard and Elastic Multilayer System

Textural Mosaic Covering

Textural Mosaic Elastic Covering

Painted Coating

Painted Coating W


Medium Even Polyurethane Coating

Medium Even Coating Epoxy

Medium Rough Coating

Medium Rough Coating W

Heavy and Even Coating

Heavy and Even Coating

Thin and Even Covering

Thin and Even Covering W

Thin and Even surface

Thin and Even surface W

Coloured Sand Smooth Covering 2.7 mm thick

Coloured Sand Rough Covering 2.8 - 3.0 mm thick

Decorative Flooring “Industrial Carpet”

Epoxy-Sand Covering

Sport 1S

Antistatic Covering

Even decorative Covering with High Filling Up

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